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Form LDOL 77 Separation Notice Alleging Disqualification Get the Paper Form Get the Instructions Thank you for accessing this Louisiana Department of Labor Interactive Form. The following is a brief
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Well good morning everybody let me how I guys doing today good money that's it that's all I good come on how's it going today that's what I want to hear okay that's awesome hey welcome welcome everybody welcome some the new people welcome to the people who are returning thank you so much for coming today it's wonderful to see you welcome to the morning flow show a k-8 your a.m. daily dose of Chi the original home of shake your booty chi dancing that's what we're going to do today you know it's very interesting a lot of times I read all of the blog posted everything about Tai Chi the Tai Chi community and it's not uncommon to hear people or to read people at some point just toss up their hands and say something like oh that's just dancing they're just dancing I'm like and what's wrong with that is it you got a problem with dancing like it's a pejorative to say you know you should be in rhythm or you should have some fun or you should god forbid like have a excited moment of doing Tai Chi so I'm proud to say that we r qi dancing today i am your host David or Ian Ross the wake up call of Wu Wei which is the Chinese phrase meaning effortless effort and that's also how you're dancing you should go just ever you go dancing I mean god it's been I don't know at least 100 years since i've actually been out dancing but you know you watch people on the floor who are trying to dance that's that's one of the saddest sights I've ever seen you know when you go out and dance you should just like not try you should just be effortless just let the music move you and so that's way man so I am your wake-up call of that hey I am so glad to see everybody I wanted to share a couple thoughts I had the most wonderful day yesterday it was just like the best day ever i was in flow the whole day and i was sharing with the group last night that it all started yesterday because of Lou or more precisely new which is the concept that we talked about a couple weeks ago having to do with yielding with letting go with with letting someone else win if you will yeah let's talk about that I want to you know kind of share that how that worked with you and you know what that all has to do with Tai Chi but we're going to first get up and do some dancing and then we'll come back and I've got a bunch of great oh oh what a great announcement I have for you today anyway so let's get up and find our spots and effortlessly move our booties yes all right and finding a great spot to hang out there just let yourself soar in the air open your heart your mind your soul your spirit to whatever is going to happen today and just let it float on in mm-hmm right and don't rush don't rush i'm gonna wait for you I must hurry to get to my meditation that's and float on down ah remember let the breath do the work mm-hmm your breathe on in that fold into your heart and then breathe on out ah sinking the Chi one more time breathe in and hold on and breed on so much now let's take this foot out to the side...